How To Increase Sales on Amazon with Amazon Coupons

How to Increase Sales on Amazon with Amazon Coupons

Amazon India has launched one more feature to increase sales on amazon. In my previous posts I have talked about amazon sponsored products, amazon promotions etc. that are some great ways to increase sales on amazon. 

amazon coupons

In this post I will talk about a new amazon feature that is amazon coupons that can help you increase sales on amazon. I will cover how amazon coupons works, how to create amazon coupons and how amazon coupons can help you to increase sales on amazon.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon coupons are a great way to increase sales on amazon. With amazon coupons you can offers discount on a single product or a set of products.

How Amazon Coupons Works

Create Amazon Coupons by offering discounts on a single products or a set of products. You can offer discounts as money off or percentage off. You can choose to make your offers available for all customers or only prime user

Customers can discover coupons on coupons home page, in search result, on product details page, on their offer listing page and on their carts

Coupons Home Page

Search Result Page

Product Details Page

Customers can collect the coupon while shopping and offers are instantly applied when they check out.

How to Create Amazon Coupons

Login to your seller account.

Hover over Advertising in the top navigation bar and click on “coupons”.

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “create your first coupon”.

Search for products you want to add to your coupon. You can search by keyword or by SKU/ASIN. You can upto 50 ASIN to your coupons.

Next step is to set Budget and discount where you can offer dicounts in terms of money off/percentage off. And also you are given the option to limit the redemtion of your coupon to 1 per customer. Choose the first checkbox if you want to limit the redemption one per user. Also you have to enter your budget for this coupon. Minimum buget should be INR 1000.

Before proceeding we shall see how budget works

How Budget Works

Budget you set for your coupons will be shared among –

1.    INR equivalent to the discount your are offering to customers.

2.    Redemption fee.

How budget will be deplected.

Lets take an example to learn how the budget will be deplected.

Lets say you are offering a discount of INR 50 through your coupon on a item of INR 500 . First day 15 customers redeem the coupon (buy a coupon-eligible product after clipping the coupon).

Now budget will be deplected as-

(INR equivalent of the discount you are offering * number of redemptions) + (redemption fees * number of redemptions)

(50 * 15) + (0*15) = INR 750

Redemption fee is INR 0 during promotional period.

So if you have set a budget of INR 1000 first day INR 750 will be deplected from your budget and your coupon will be deactivated once your budget is 80% utilized. This is done to allocate the remaining 20% to cover for the redemptions of customers who have already clipped the coupon.

Now the next step is schedule and target where you have to provide a title to your coupon and schedule the coupon for a duration between 1-90 days. Before providing a title to your coupon please make sure to read the title guidelines.

The final step is to review the details you have provided. Please review all the details and when you are happy, click on submit coupon option given at the top-right corner of the page.

Watch the video will give you more clear picture

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