Amazon FBA Registration Process

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Amazon FBA

Fulfillment By Amazon or simply Amazon FBA is one of the best programs of amazon where a seller can store their inventory at amazon’s world-class fulfillment centers. Amazon will store, pick, pack and ship orders across India. Also, all the returns and customer service are managed by amazon itself.

amazon fba

This post is all about the Amazon FBA registration process. This post will guide you step by step about the Amazon FBA registration process. You will get screenshots attached with each step and at the bottom, a video is attached for more better understanding.

Amazon FBA Registration Process ​

Open your browser and go to

Hover over services in the top navigation bar and click on “Fulfillment By Amazon”.

Click on “Enrol For FBA Now”

Select the checkbox of fulfillment by amazon and click on “Register”.

Click on “Click here to add Fulfillment centers to your account”.

Now select the state and click on “Add a New FC”.

Note- You can send your inventory to the fulfillment center of your states. If you wish to send your inventory to fulfillment centers of another state then you need to have GST number of that state.

Select the fulfillment centers by selecting the checkboxes. Select all the fulfillment centers if more than one FC is available in your state because it increases your chances of getting space in any one of the FC if other FC’s are full. After selecting the FC’s click on the “save” option given at the bottom.

Tax registration – In this step, you will need to provide tax-related information. Information such as legal name, PAN number, GST number, Business Address, a Phone number that are mentioned on your GST certificate as well as you will need to upload your GST certificate.

Screenshot 2018 02 14 23 29 41 700

Upload the documents and register amazon FC’s as an additional place of business (APOB) in your GST account – You will get the APOB documents from this step and you will need to go and register amazon FC’s as an additional place of business. For this, you can take the help of amazon CA or you can do by yourself or through your CA. If you want to do it on your own or through your CA select the first checkbox. If you want to take the help of amazon CA select the second checkbox in the option “Get professional help to register FC as ABOP”.

Screenshot 2018 02 14 23 30 04 891

After registering amazon FC’s as APOB you will get some document which you need to upload in this step – Along with these document upload your signature and update product tax code (PTC), and if you provide your GST login credentials you will be enabled to file an e-way bill on applicable transactions.

Screenshot 2018 02 14 23 32 36 609

Watch this video will give you a clear picture of the amazon fba registration process

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