Amazon Marketing Strategies to Become a Top Seller in 2018

Amazon is the world’s leading eCommerce platform. A new seller is adding in a great number day by day thus increasing the competition on the eCommerce marketplace. Some game plans or some strategies are necessarily required to become successful in this competition.

Some of the strategies to become a successful eCommerce seller are –

Selection of Right Products

The first and foremost task for a seller is to decide the right products but I think it is one of the most difficult tasks, might be the product you are thinking can generate good sales are not the buyers choice. There is software like jungle scout through which you can track the sales of products already listed on amazon but the software is paid or you can make use of amazon best seller where you can see the top 100 best selling products on amazon for each category and is free of cost. These tools will help you decide the right product.

Products Pricing 

Product pricing is also key to generating good sales. Keeping your product pricing low and having more sales is always better than keeping high margins and low sales.

Customers Reviews and Feedback 

Reviews and feedback always matter but the question is how to get reviews and feedback on your listing. A general trend that I had noticed while selling on amazon is people of India provide negative feedback if they are unsatisfied with the product but hesitates to leave positive feedback if they like the products. You will get some but the number is really low. So how to get feedback and reviews. One trick that I always use is keeping track of the product and as soon as the product is delivered to my customer I drop a message asking them for feedback and later on call the customer to ask for the feedback again and this trick really works. Some will say that they will do it later so I call them again, dropping them the messages again and again and after doing this I am getting the results. In case of negative feedback, I am trying to compensate with the customers, I used to give them offers like 10% off on your next purchase, etc in order to remove the feedback and I am saying that these tricks really work and no one is going to leave these secrets.

Use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon is one of the best programs of amazon where sellers can store their inventory at amazon’s world-class fulfillment centers. Amazon will store, pick, pack and ship orders across India and also all the returns and customer service are managed by amazon itself. The main benefit of fba is Amazon Prime Tag. Products with amazon prime tag are always the buyer’s first preference and a seller gets a prime tag for the products which he stores at the amazon fulfillment center and thus a seller enjoys more sales. FBA products become eligible for unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery options.

Amazon Sponsored Products 

Amazon sponsored products are an easy and effective way to target your products to potential customers. With amazon sponsored products you can target the customers which are relevant to your products and thus increase your sales. You will need to create a sponsored product campaign to decide a daily budget and a bid and your ads start appearing on Amazon. You will only be charged when someone clicks your ad and you can create ads only for those listing from which you have buy box.

Use tools like Automate Pricing 

Automate Pricing allows amazon sellers to automatically adjust prices on SKUs in response to events such as the Buy Box winning price, without having to revisit the SKU every time they want to change your price.

Attractive description, bullet point and product imaging 

Description, Bullet points, and images must be so attractive that they will force a buyer to make a purchase.

Use of social media 

The use of social media is necessary to become successful. Try to make social media account with the same name as your seller account and share your products as much as possible. Try to build good relations with your customers, answer every query, be loyal to them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some major social media tools.

I think these are some strategies that a seller should opt to have good business.

Thank you and happy selling