Amazon SAFE T Claim Policy

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Amazon Lost And Damaged Return Products

Product return are a major concern in ecommerce sector.  All the seller no matter big or small will face Customer returns, Rejected orders and Undeliverable orders as well. The return rate varies from 1% to 4% normally but can increased to 10% if the sellers is not making good efforts in packaging, on time products delivery, after sales support etc. 

Product returns can be controlled but cannot be stopped completely. Returns are a direct loss to amazon sellers and the condition will be worse if the return product is damaged and cannot be resold.

Yes this happens to every ecommerce seller that their return product are many a times damaged, even sometimes the sellers will receive a entirely different product and sometimes the situation is more worse that the return product is lost in transit.

No matter weather it is customer fault or the logistic partner the product is your and you have to bear its loss.

So, what can be done in this situation. 

Don’t worry if you are a amazon seller. Amazon has a policy to reimburse seller in these situation where their product is either damage, lost or not returned in original condition. The policy is named as amazon safe t claim policy.

Amazon seller can file safe t claim if the returned product is either damage, lost or not returned in original condition and they will be reimbursed as per the safe t claim policy.


How to File Amazon Safe T Claim to Claim Reimbursement From Amazon

Login to your amazon seller central account.


Hover over Orders in the top navigation bar and click on Manage SAFE-T Claim

Click on File a new SAFE-T Claim option given on the top right of the page.

Select the reason for SAFE-T Claim.

  • Return order not received
  • Damage Product
  • Returned item not received in original condition

Enter the order ID to check if that order is eligible for reimbursement or not. If the order is eligible a green tick will be appeared.

Please note that the product images should be clear and the damaged will be clearly highlighted. 

Also you are not required to add images in case you have select the claim reason “Return order not received

Describe the issue in detail that you have received the product which is cannot be resold. 

Confirm by ticking the checkbox that  the information provide by you is correct and click on Submit Safe-T Claim.

Your claim will be filed and will get a response related with the claim within 10 days.

Watch the video will give you better understanding

Amazon Safe T Claim Policy {Hindi}

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