Amazon Seller Registration Process 2021

      No Comments on Amazon Seller Registration Process 2021 is one of the biggest eCommerce sites and you can find almost every type of product on amazon. So, have you ever think that how does amazon arrange all these products, how amazon manages such a huge inventory?

how amazon arrange and manage inventory

Amazon is an eCommerce marketplace, where businesses can register and sell their products. This is the reason why every type of product is available on amazon because it’s not the only amazon who will be arranging different products from every corner around the globe, it is their sellers who will be doing all this for amazon. Amazon is an eCommerce platform that works as an intermediate between the sellers who are selling products and the customers who are buying those products.

So, are you a business owner and are you ready to start your online selling journey with amazon. Do you want to learn how to sell products on Amazon? If yes. Great, you are at the right platform.

I am offering this free course on how to sell on Amazon through my blog posts. I will be teaching how to sell products on amazon as a beginner. We will be learning how selling on amazon works from start until you will become a pro amazon seller. If you have no basic information, no reason to worry we will be learning from the start that is from documents requirement, seller registration, product selection, product listing, selling fees, shipping products to amazon fba, sponsored products, promotions, reports, tools tips and tricks to increase sales on amazon. In some words, every topic will be covered in detail on how to sell products on amazon.

This is the first post of the amazon selling course and in this post, we will learn about the documents required for amazon seller registration as well as the Amazon seller registration process.

Amazon is the world’s leading marketplace and many businesses have grown by selling on amazon. Selling on Amazon India is simple, you just need to have a business in India and you have registered your business on Amazon. Let’s have a short look at how selling on amazon works.

how to sell on amazon

Register your business on Amazon, list your products, you will start getting an order, fulfill these order and receive your payments from Amazon.

how selling on amazon works

In today’s blog, I have covered the amazon seller registration process and the documents required for amazon seller registration. I have given a detailed step by step description of the amazon seller registration process and attached screenshot with every step and a video at the end for more better and clear understanding.

Documents Required For Amazon Seller Registration Process

amazon seller registration documents required

Amazon seller registration is a few simple steps process but before starting the seller registration on amazon you must have all the document handy which are listed.

  1. Email ID and a Contact number– To register on the Amazon India marketplace an email ID and a contact number are necessary.
  2. PAN Card – Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a code that acts as an identification for Indian nationals, especially those who pay Income Tax. It is issued by the Indian Income Tax Department under the supervision of the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) and it also serves as an important proof of identification.
  3. Bank Account Number – To receive payments from amazon a bank Account number is required.
  4.  GST Number – After the implementation of Goods And Services Tax (GST), the GST number is mandatory for selling on amazon. To get a GST number you need to register on with valid documents such as PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Bank Account, Address Proof.

Amazon Seller Registration process

Now if you have all the documents ready you can start the amazon seller registration process.

To Register on amazon as a seller visit and click on register now.

Provide your name, email ID and password.

Enter the legal name or if you registering on behalf of a business enter the business legal name.

Give your 10 digits mobile number and verify it with z one-time password (OTP).

Enter Unique store name, Select product categories in which you wish to sell you can later add more categories and provide an address from where you conduct your business.

Provide a GST number. You can leave the step for now but you need to provide GST number later to start selling except in case you sell in tax exempted categories.

Now add more categories in which you wish to sell and some other information such as from where you buy products etc.

Now you are almost done. You need to enter your bank account information, shipping rates and you can start listing your products.

The video will help you with each step required in the registration process.

Play Video

After you complete these steps successfully your account will become active within 1–2 days after the seller registration.

Frequently Asked Questions - How to Sell On Amaozn

A Seller is generally exempted from providing GST registration number if the seller is selling only Books or Fabrics/Textiles (unstitched) then you. Even sellers selling books may be required to register, the rules for registration vary from state to state and sometimes. Please contact your tax advisor to determine your obligations.

Amazon provides shipping services to its seller with the name amazon easy ship. Click here to know more about amazon’s easy ship.

The legal business name is the name that appears on your GST certificate.

If easy ship services are not available at your pincode, you can use self ship or you can opt for Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA).

Seller registration, listings products on amazon are free. However amazon will charge a small commission for every product sale. The commission will depends on the category and sub-category of the product. Click to learn more about amazon seller commission.

Selling products on amazon is simple. Register on amazon as a seller by completing the seller  registration process, list your products and you will start receiving orders, fulfill orders and receive payments from amazon.

The first payment will take 14 days after which seller’s will be paid every 7 days.

Amazon sponsored products are a way to advertise products on amazon. Using amazon sponsored products sellers can showcase their products to relevant shoppers and thus increase sales on amazon

FBA stand for fulfilment by amazon. Amazon FBA is amazon program where amazon seller stores their inventory at one of the amazon fulfilment center and amazon will pick, pack and deliver products to customers on seller’s behalf.

So, this is all for the amazon seller registration process next learn how to add products on amazon.

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