Flipkart Seller Protection Funds – Flipkart SPF Claim

Flipkart Seller Protection Funds or SPF is a Flipkart reimbursement policy where Flipkart seller can apply to get reimbursement from Flipkart for the product loss in case the returned product is either not received or the returned product is damaged or different. SPF is a seller protection fund created to minimize the loss of sellers.

This post will contain every information about the seller protection fund.  

What are seller protection funds (SPF)?

Seller Protection Funds or SPF is a seller protection fund created to minimize the loss of sellers that occurred in a case where the returned product is damaged or different from what was actually shipped. The sellers can apply for the SPF claim, Flipkart will review the claim request and if Flipkart finds the claim to be valid then reimbursement for the product loss will be provided to the seller. 

When to file the SPF Claim?

All the SPF claims should be filed within 15 days the returned product is delivered to the seller or if the returned product is not received within the SLA period.

Under the below scenarios, a seller can file an SPF Claim


  • The returned product was damaged
  • Empty package received
  • Some other product was received
  • Product was misplaced
  • Product was not received within the SLA period

What are the requirement to file the SPF Claim?

To file the SPF Claim you are required to provide the following details:


Shipping Label: To verify the order details, Flipkart requires the shipping label pasted over the secondary packaging. Please make sure that all the details will be visible such as order ID, tracking ID, Shipping address.


Outer Packaging And Primary Packaging: You are required to provide images of the outer packaging and Primary Packaging in case the product received is damaged.

spf claim images required

Damaged Product Images/Wrong Product Images: You are required to provide the images of the damaged product in case the returned product is damaged or if some different product is received provide the images of that product. Provide product images from all angles.

broken product spf claim

In a case where the empty package is received, provide the shipping label and empty box image.

In a case where the returned product is misplaced or not received within the SLA period, you are not required to provide any images.

How to file the SPF Claim?

SPF claims are simple to file. If you have all the required things, the SPF claim can be filed within 5 minutes.

Visit flipkart seller portal and login to your flipkart seller account.


On the seller dashboard. Hover over Orders in the top navigation bar and click on Returns.


Now on the Returns page, click on completed to view all the products that are already returned to the seller. 

Now you can scroll the page to find the order for which you want to file the SPF claim or you can search for order as shown on the right using the order Id, Item Id and return Id.


Once you locate the order, click on the Claim SPF option as shown in the image.


Once you click on claim SPF, a pop will be displayed.

Now you are required to provide the details for your SPF claim.


Description:  Provide the reason to file the SPF claim.

Primary Email: This field will be auto populated.

Subjetct: SPF Claim Damaged Product/Wrong Product/Product Not Received.

Callback NumberThis field will be auto populated.

Order IdThis field will be auto populated.

Scroll the pop up to enter the remaining details.


Order Item IdThis field will be auto populated.

Issue Type: Select SPF Claim from the drop down.

Upload Attachments: Upload the images as discussed above in this post.

Request call back for this ticket: If you wish to provide a different number, please provide in this field. If not, enter the same number as given in the callback number field.

Once you have provided all the details. Click on submit and your SPF Claim will be filed for this order.

You will receive an auto-email from the Flipkart seller hub stating that your SPF claim has been filed.

How do I check the status of SPF Claim Filed?

On the seller dashboard, on the top right-hand side click on the help symbol as shown in the image.


Now click on Contact Seller Support.


Click the help icon again to hide the help window. Now, at the top right-hand side click on My Tickets.


Click on SPF Claim to view all the SPF claims filed.

spf claim status check step 4

Choose the claim of which you wish to know the status.


Initially, the status will be open.

If the Flipkart team would require any additional information to process the claim, you will receive an email for the same and the SPF claim status will change to seller means seller action is required.

Once you click on any of the claims, all the details related to the claim will be shown.

On the same page, scroll down and you will see a comment box and an upload option to add attachments.

Provide the details and click submit.


The status will change to Flipkart means Flipkart action is required.

Once the Flipkart team will reach out to a decision, you will receive an email with the result of the claim (Approved or Rejected) and the same status will be reflected here.

How much SPF Claim will be given as reimbursement?

The amount of reimbursement will depend on the price of the product, the nature of the SPF claim filed i.e. product lost, damaged, etc.

The decision will be taken by the Flipkart seller team. You can view the amount of reimbursement issued on the seller dashboard or by checking the transaction view of that particular order.


Note – Please do not file any false SPF claim. Your seller account will be suspended in case Flipkart finds any false claim is filed by you. 

Watch the below video for more clear understanding

How to File SPF Claim on Flipkart Seller Portal | Get reimbursement for the damage return product

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