Do you have a offline business but you are still not satisfied with your income. So, why not start selling online and take your business to the next level. The world is changing and with this changing world the nature of consumers are changing. Now, people are getting digital and no one want to prefers to visit the offline store and make a purchase instead people prefer ordering things online directly from there smartphones, tablets, desktops etc.

So, where do you stand in this competitive world. Have you decided to transform your business and increase your income to no limits. 

Customer Reach

The world wide web that is internet has limitless reach. From a small place you can sell to people around the corners of the world which is not possible in case of offline business . Getting your business online gives you an opportunity to sell to almost 7 billion people.

Small set up and operational cost

Offline business does requires a huge set up and operational cost but that is not the case with the online business, you just need an internet connection and an online space (website or a marketplace) similar to your offline shop that allows you put your products online and for that the cost is almost negligible.

Digital Analytics

The most advantageous thing in the online world are digital analytics.

How many people have visit your online shop ?

How much time users spends time seen your products ?

How many people actually buys your products ?

How many customers are your loyal customers ? ………………………….

Above are just few example, digital analytics are far beyond then that. You cannot imagine the power of digital analytics. Proper understanding and working on digital analytics actually makes you a billionaire.

Above mentioned are just few benefits of getting online. There are endless benefits and I will be discussing all of them in my later posts when it will be most relevant. 

Why how2sellonline.com ?

I know that it is isn’t easy to understand the digital world and start selling online. Its entirely different from the offline world. To setup a ecommerce store, knowledge of marketplaces, domain, hosting, selling tools, tips and tricks etc are required. 

If you are really interested to sell things online then you are at the correct platform, how2sellonline.com is a platform where you will be learning all about online selling.

I will be covering top marketplaces like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, ebay, indiamart, where we will be understanding how selling on these marketplace works, how to get registered on these marketplaces, what all documents are required for the registration, how to list products, how shipping will take place, how to compete with other seller using different ecommerce tools.

Trust me these marketplaces are too deep to understand. Also you will be requiring knowledge of a variety of tool for products research, advertising stratergy etc and I will be sharing latest tools, tips and tricks with you.

Also, once we will learn how to sell on different ecommerce marketplaces then we will learn how to create our own ecommerce website, how to target the products to the right audience using search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing. We will be learning about email marketing, web analytics etc. 

How to Sell on Amazon ​

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