How to Add Products on Amazon in Bulk

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How to Bulk Upload Products on Amazon Seller Central

In my previous post we have learn how to add product on amazon one by one. Adding products one by one is a time taking process and will not work if you have thousands of products to list.

Instead of uploading product on amazon one by one you can add multiple products on amazon at one time using inventory file templates. Inventory file are also known as flat file. Flat file are predefined templates which are available on amazon seller central for every product category.

Please note that we can add multiple products on amazon if they are of same category. Products of different category cannot be added using one flat file.

Steps to Upload Products on Amazon in Bulk

Login to your amazon seller central account & Search For Flat File.

Scroll down to bottom and select the option “Inventory file templates”.

Download the Flat File in accordance with the category of your product.

Fill all the field in the flat file.

Please click here to learn how to fill each cell in detail.

Save the file in tab delimited format to your computer system.

Now go back to your amazon seller account homepage. Hover over inventory in the top navigation bar and then click on Add a product via upload.

From the dropdown given under Upload Inventory File select the option of Inventory File and click on choose file to attach the file that you have saved on your system.

Upload the file by clicking on upload option.

Your product will be live within 15 minutes on website if your file has no errors.

Inventory file fields

Seller SKU – It is a unique identification that is used to manage your inventory. You can use a unique numbers, letters or a combination of both to create an SKU. If you leave this field blank then a unique sku will be auto populated by amazon system.

Your Price – The selling price of your item in INR on

MRP – Maximum Retail Price of your item.

Condition – The condition of your item (New is the only option available).

Quantity – The number of quantity of item in your stock.

Fulfillment Channel – Select the first option for amazon easy ship and second for amazon fba.

Item name – The name or the title of your item. Please refer the style guidelines to add the product title correctly.

Your Price – Product ID (also known ad UPC, EAN, GTIN, ISBN) is the unique identifier of your product on You can purchase product id by clicking here. If you are not interested in purchasing the product id you can apply for GTIN Exemption and leave this field blank. Learn how to apply for GTIN Exemption.

Brand Name – Enter the brand name of your product. If you are selling a non-branded item just write “generic”. In case of branded product you are required to provide brand authorization letter from brand.

Manufacturer – The manufacturer company name of your product. In case you are the manufacturer enter your seller account name.

Manufacturer Part Number – Unique product number given by the manufacturer..

Item type – The exact type of the item. Eg – Greeting card, Pen Stand etc.

Manufacturer Warranty Description – Please mention the manufacturer warranty description in this cell.

Description – Enter the few lines which includes 2-3 keywords that will define your product completely.

Key Product Features – Key Product Features or Bullet Points are the key features of your products. You can add upto 5 key features. Click on add more to add more than 1 feature.

Legal disclaimer – Enter the legal disclaimer for your product if any.

Watch the video to get a more clear picture

How to Bulk Upload Products on Amazon Seller Central {Hindi}

So, this is how you can add products on amazon in bulk using flat file. If you have any doubts please feel free to comment below or you can write to us at

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