How to add products on amazon without product ID

How to list products on amazon that do not have GTIN in 2019

If you want to add a product on amazon your product should have a product ID. Product ID is nothing but the barcode of the product. Product id also known GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) – UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN are mandatory field while adding a new product on amazon.

How to get a product ID to list products on amazon ?

If your product do not have a GTIN, that mostly happens in case of non-branded, private label products etc. You can apply for GTIN exemption on amazon seller central. GTIN exemption request is simple process through which amazon will provide gtin exemption for your products and you can list your products on amazon without product ID once your exemption request is approved.    

In this post I will show you step by step how you can apply for GTIN exemption.

How to apply for GTIN exemption in amazon seller central in 2019 ?

Login to your amazon seller central account.

On the top right, under the search bar search for “GTIN exemption” and press enter.

Scroll down the search results and click on ” How to list products that do not have a GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN)”

Click on new window option to open this page in  new window.

Now Scroll down this page and click on  “Request Approval ” Option.

Select your product category under  product category option and enter your Brand Name  or Generic or Publisher under Brand / Publisher option. If you wish to add more than one brand name for the same category approval click on “Add Brand” option.

Also If you wish to apply GTIN exemption request for more categories, click on add categry option and select their product category and brand / pulisher respectively.

Click on check eligibility option.

If your request is eligible you will see a green tick in the status column. Click on “Continue to Submit Proof” to move to the next step.

In the next step you will be asked to provide a support letter form the brand. In case you have click on “Yes” and vice versa.

If “Yes” option is selected. Download the sample letter and upload yours support letter in the same format and click on “Submit Request”. 

If “Yes” option is selected. Download the sample letter and upload yours support letter in the same format and click on “Submit Request”. 

If “No” option is select. Enter the name of the product and upload the product images and click on “Submit Request”. 


Your GTIN exemption request is successfully submitted. You will be informed by amazon support team once your request will be approved.

Please note that you can add any number of products under the product category and brand name for which your exemption request will be approved.

Once your GTIN exemption request is approved, you can add products on amazon using flat file. Learn how to add products on amazon using flat file.

In case of any doubt please feel free to comment in the comment section below. Thanks for reading the post.

If you are a video lover you can watch the below video to learn how to apply for GTIN exemption

Frequently Asked Questions - How to Sell On Amaozn

A Seller are generally exempted from providing GST registration number if the seller is selling only Books or Fabrics/Textiles (unstitched) then you . Even sellers selling books may be required to register, the rules for registration vary from state to state and sometimes. Please contact your tax advisor to determine your obligations.

Legal business name is the name which appears on your GST certificate.

If easy ship services are not available at your pincode, you can use self ship or you can opt for Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA).

Seller registration, listings products on amazon are free. However amazon will charge a small commission for every product sale. The commission will depends on the category and sub-category of the product. Click to learn more about amazon seller commission.

Selling on amazon is simple. Register on amazon as a seller by completing the seller  registration process, list your productsand you will start recieving orders, fulfil orders and recieve payments from amazon.

The first payment will take 14 days after which seller’s will be paid every 7 days.

Amazon sponsored products are a way to advertise products on amazon. Using amazon sponsored products sellers can showcase their products to relevant shoppers and thus increase sales on amazon

FBA stand for fulfilment by amazon. Amazon FBA is amazon program where amazon seller stores their inventory at one of the amazon fulfilment center and amazon will pick, pack and deliver products to customers on seller’s behalf.

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