How to Apply for Amazon GTIN Exemption

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Product ID (Also known as GTIN, UPC, ISBN, EAN) are universal product identifier. Product id is required to list any product on amazon. 

how to list products on amazon that do not have a bar code

How to Get a Product ID to List Products on Amazon

Product ID are a required attribute to list product on amazon seller central and without a product ID you will not be able to add your products on amazon. So, how do you find a product id. 

If you are selling a branded products you can check the product packaging and there you can find the product id.

Also you can purchase the product ID from any ecommerce marketplace. You can click here to purchase the product ID.

If you are not selling branded product or you are not interested in paying for product id you can apply for GTIN exemption.


How to Apply For Amazon GTIN Exemption

Login to seller account and Search for GTIN Exemption on the search bar given at the top right corner. 

Scroll down to bottom and click on option “How to list products that do not have a GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN)”

Now Scroll down to the bottom of the page and download the template according to your products type ( i.e. If your products are branded products then download the branded file).

Fill all the columns.

To know how to fill each column please refer to the table given below.

Title – Enter the title of the product that should be displayed on

Seller SKU – It is a unique identification that is used to manage your inventory. You can use a unique numbers, letters or a combination of both to create an SKU. If you leave this field blank then a unique sku will be auto populated by amazon system.

Product Category – Enter the category of your product.

Product Type – Select the correct product type from the dropdown. The values in the dropdown will be populated as per the category of flat file downloaded.

No of Products Needs Exemption –  The exact quantity of item needs to be added in this column.

Save the file on your device to your system.

Now a option is given “Request approval”  at the bottom of the same page from where you have downloaded the file. Click On “Request approval” .

Now select the type of file from the drop down.

Write a short description, upload the file and click on submit.

Your GTIN exemption request has been successfully submitted and you will get response from amazon within 7 days. This is how you can apply for GTIN exemption.

How to Apply For Amazon GTIN Exemption

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